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Treating Yourself to Nail Salon Visit


Scientifically, nails are composed of keratin which is a protein found in our skin and hair. The makeup of our nails, includes the plate, the bed, the matrix (area under the cuticle), the lunula (base of the nail), the cuticle, and the nail folds which is the skin that frames the nail. Nails grow about 1/10 of an inch every month and they grow faster than toenails – thank goodness! Fingernails are a good indicator of health problems, such as a yellow or greenish discoloration may be due to a respiratory condition, like chronic bronchities. Deep indentations that run across the nails are called “Beau’s” lines and they appear when there is an injury or an illness in the body, like a heart attach.

To help keep nails healthy, some tips include the following:

  • Don’t dig out ingrown toenails.
  • Don’t remove the cuticles or clean too deeply under your nails, which can lead to infection.
  • File your nails in one direction and round the tip slightly, rather than filing to a point.
  • Apply moisturiser to your nails and cuticles every day. Creams with urea, phospholipids or lactic acid can help prevent cracking.
  • Avoid nail-biting or picking.
  • Keep your nails clean and dry.

maicured-and-pedicuredWomen of all ages are naturally nesters, which means that they try to help everyone else, except themselves. However, a little extra pick-me-up every now and then, can help women to keep them looking good and in a good mood. Is it any wonder why women love getting their nails done at nail places near me and three of the top reasons involves the following list:


  1. Confidence

Manicures help to boost a woman’s confidence. Women use their hands expressively and to have them looking great is a form of confidence. Nail manicures are a tangible process which women have control over, which gives women confidence to help get through a tough work day, a job interview, family issues, or a special date night or event. No matter what a woman’s self-confidence level is, it can be improved with a trip to the manicurist. After your nail spa treatment, where your nails are cleaned, cut, filed, painted, and polished, perhaps even designed, you want to show off your cosmetic results to everyone, a real confidence booster! Women say that they feel more beautiful, more confident and powerful. Who would understand that even though this tangible and intangible treatment every two weeks for a woman, it can change your look on life in a positive way.

  1. Color

If a woman is a neophyte to nail manicures and after an initial treatment, the manicurists says pick out your color – trepidation sets in. What color do I like and look at all the choices on the spa shelf! Picking out a color can be daunting, but fun because a woman might feel adventuresome and choose a color that reflects thinking outside the box. A woman’s attraction to specific colors or shades reflects their personalities. There is a psychology to nail polish colors for women, in addition to helping women feel feminine and sexy, choosing special shades can reflect how they see life.

  • Black Nails: Black nails are today’s chic color. Black reflects creativity and a unique personality, somewhat like being a rebel. It takes confidence for women to wear black manicures and for many women today, no matter their age, it has become a signature nail color.
  • Neon Nails: Neon nails are the modern day coloring for women who are energetic and active. Bright colors are visually a conversation piece for anyone wearing them.
  • Pastel Nails: Wearing pastel colors like pale pinks, beige shades and even some variation of bright colors like soft yellow or coral displays a women who is naturally a relaxed person. A woman wearing pastel nails likes her world in a relaxed state of mind.
  • Orange Nails: Women who wear bright pops of orange, opaque baby blue, or a metallic green, are persons who are impulsive and fun.
  • Deep Wine Nails: Wine shading or burgandy nails shows that women are quietly sexy and sultry. These colors are also a modern day classical shading.
  • White Nails: Yes, many women enjoy wearing white manicured nails. White symbolizes freshness and being chic. White nails are worn by women of all ages and lends an element of youth to any women wearing it.
  • Red Nails: Red nails for women continues to symbolize sexiness and a woman’s aggressive nature.
  • Mixture: Using a mixture of colors signifies that a woman is happy go luck and finds life challenging with a variety of nail coloring, shades, decorations, etc., that gives her variety in life.


  1. Pamper

A manicure is a great stress reliever that allows a woman to sit back, relax, and unwind. Plus, manicures are fun, in addition to serving a function for good health. Men and women carry a lot of stress in their hands. For women, a well done manicure helps her feel good and it is a way for her to treat herself. Having nails done at a nail salon gives women that extra benefit of pampering in the form of hand cleansing, moisturizing, massaging, shaping, trimming, and buffing. A salon inspired manicure is also a way of women bonding together joyously and in beauty. The girls come together and talk about life in a manner that provides women quality time. Getting pampered is just a natural means to boost a woman’s emotions. A large number of women in a survey, state that a home manicure is a way for them to feel pampered and helps them feel more relaxed.


Hands are used every day and the skin around our hands and nail are exposed to various elements that takes a toll on them. Hands should be protected and nails should be manicured to protect them from becoming cracked, chapped, and inflammed. A manicure service helps to keep our hands and nails protected and healthy. Manicures makes our nails and hands look more aesthetically pleasing with a moisturizing service and this services relieves the stress we inflict on our hands in the form of dryness and hangnails.

Manicured Nails are a Treat


Why do women love to get their nails done, especially their toes? The truth is, there are a lot of different reasons that women enjoy getting a pedicure. For one thing, it is a great way to treat yourself after a long week at work or an especially grueling task that you have been striving to complete. In other words, it works as a great way to treat yourself for a job well done. However, that is not the only reason. In fact, the three main reasons that women get pedicures are because they make their feet look more attractive, they increase their level of self-confidence and they feel good.

Manicured NailsMore Attractive Feet

One of the most attractive things about a woman is well-manicured feet. However, it can sometimes be a real chore to properly care for feet and paint toenails without the help of a professional. That is why so many women far prefer to get a pedicure as opposed to trying to do it on their own. This is especially true for anyone who spends a lot of time barefoot, such as during summer months or when women spend a lot of time on the shore. It is also true for those individuals who practice a lot of yoga or simply enjoy wearing sandals more often than not.

Increased Self-Confidence

Women also like the idea of having more self-confidence. When you look good, you also feel good. That in turn helps you achieve more of your goals and live a happier life in general. The truth is, no one wants to walk around lacking self-confidence all the time. If getting a pedicure is something that you can do to help you increase your level of confidence and feel better about yourself, why not do it? Many women attribute their looks directly to how they feel about themselves as an individual. Therefore, it only makes sense that doing something for yourself that helps you look better and also raise your confidence level so that you feel better about who you are.

It Feels Good

The third reason that women like to get a pedicure is because it feels good. Anyone that has ever had one will tell you that it is a great remedy to relieve aching feet and rejuvenate a person from the feet up. This is because a pedicure involves much more than merely trimming one’s nails or painting them with pretty colors. It also involves treating the entire foot in order to relax muscles and reduce tension. Think of it as a massage for your feet. If you have ever realized how tired you are when your feet hurt, it will help you better understand how beneficial getting a pedicure can really be. When your feet feel better, you feel better as a whole.

In closing, there are a lot of different reasons that women like to get their nails done. In many cases, these reasons will vary with each individual, as every person has their own reasons for enjoying the things that they do. With that being said, there are very common reasons that many men and women choose to get pedicures, like those mentioned in the above paragraphs. If you have never had one, do yourself a favor and schedule one as soon as possible. It will probably become your new favorite activity.

Hair and Nails/Beauty- A Review

All work and no play makes a person dull and unhappy! This is what most people say and it is actually true. You wouldn’t feel motivated to go to work if all you see in the mirror is the same tired-looking woman. Getting pampered and having your hair done will do you wonders.

Dry, damaged, greasy, or frazzled looking locks are never in fashion. Your hair should look shiny and healthy with a lot of natural bounce. It will ensure you look and feel good, while giving you a finished, sophisticated, and professional appearance. Here is how to get those luscious locks which are so desirable. How a woman appears says a lot about themselves.

The confidence they feel is exuding in their aura that is why each one should make sure they feel good about themselves. Taking the extra effort of eating well, grooming oneself and dressing attractively can have a hugely positive affect on our environment and the way that our friends, family and work colleagues’ treat us. It is not unrealistic to see abundance in life start to flow from simply making sure that we look and feel great. Remember that the first person who should treat you right is you.

Typical Things Related to Hair and Nails/Beauty

Every person deserves pampering after long hours of working. Homemakers are the ones needing most of the TLC because they have the most tiring job there is. Preparing food for their family, cleaning the house, checking on the children and all those other chores they handle on their own. Going to the saloon once in a while is a very rewarding gift for them especially when they have their nails or their hair taken care of.

One great way to relax is by visiting a local hair and beauty salon where you will be pampered and forget the troubles you may have. You can choose from a variety of treatments that are available and take advantage of the benefits that each treatment has to offer. You can realize your dream of a fuller and longer hair or try out a new hair color with extensions.

With the presence of the latest hair products, you can experiment with highlights and try out different looks. You can also try smooth and straight tresses by going for permanent blow dry. You won’t be waking up to your frizzled and unruly hair when you wake up. This is a very good way to boost your confidence so make sure you visit a saloon any time soon.